They say that the best kind of vacations is a tropical vacation and we agree! Not only is the weather pleasant and enjoyable, but you are under no pressure to wear anything more than cool casual clothes most of the time. Apart from the obvious benefits of vacationing in the tropics, we understand that packing for an all girl’s trip is not the same as packing for a simple vacation with family or your partner.

While comfort is definitely paramount, you don’t have to give up on the overall style quotient either!

While your wooden wedges look absolutely drop dead gorgeous with your flowy printed sundress, you may not have the option of taking a heavy piece of footwear with you. Apart from ensuring that you are packing a punch in your luggage, you’ll also have to take a step back and show restraint. We suggest that you craft your holiday wardrobe mainly out of the women’s casual western wear section and that you keep your own style choices as well as body type in mind before making a decision.

While you’re most certainly going to be soaking up on the sun and working your tan on your getaway to the tropics, the weather might throw a little tantrum and there might be a few showers. In such a scenario, it is always smart to pack an outfit or two that is rain friendly. You can buy trendy jumpsuits for women online that are made of materials like linen and are your best bet if there are a few rogue showers.

Another smart move while packing for your girl’s trip is to add items that can multi-purpose. One of the best examples would be an off-shoulder top. Often overlooked in the tops for women online section, the off-shoulder top can be paired with a pair of jeans for a heavy-duty shopping day or with a short shirt for a playful brunch date. However, you can even wear an off-shoulder top over your bathing suit or bikini if you’re short on cover-ups. A kaftan works just as well!

While you may love the classic and timeless aura of black clothing, the tropics are not the right place to let the love out. Moreover, when you are with your girls, it is the perfect opportunity to indulge every little girly fantasy lurking in your wardrobe. Right from your bikini to a majority of your wardrobe on holiday, don’t shy away from prints. You can buy printed shirts for women online and while these shirts can lazily be thrown over your shorts and t-shirt combo on the beach, they’ll also settle right in with trousers and sensible shoes for Casual Friday.

Another staple when it comes to tropical getaways are dresses. While the floral printed sundress has been ruling the roost since the beginning of time, we are not fans of jumping on the bandwagon. Floral prints are pleasant, feminine and can do wonders for your mood, but you don’t have to stick to it always. While dresses are fun, flirty, comfortable and inseparable from the vacation checklist; throw in dresses with unusual patterns, prints and styles to mix things up and keep them interesting. Opt to buy women’s dresses online from brands like Loco En Cabeza in interesting and unusual prints like plaid and stripes. In many tropical countries, if you leave your resort or the beach to visit churches or local markets, the dress requirements get more conservative. A simple dress paired with a floppy hat (if you don’t mind letting the world know you’re on vacation), flip flops and sunglasses really is hard to beat.

While the tropics are certainly warm and humid, some places tend to get slightly chilly at night. Even if that is not the case where you’re headed, having a simple, lightweight jacket in your luggage is never a bad idea. Jackets also double up as emergency mosquito avoiders if you’re allergic to repellent. Also, you’re always going to want the option of having a jacket to throw on yourself while you board your flight or if it gets too chilly up there.