The Monsoon will be here very shortly and with the gusty winds and the calming rains, it will also bring a lot of wet days where the sun won’t shine and a lot of times when a passing car will drench you. Monsoons can eventually get you down especially when it is so grey and glum outside. The worst part is when you have to dress up and go to work inspite of the fact that everything around you is musty and dull. However, rather than thinking of monsoon dressing as an insurmountable challenge, think of it as an exciting challenge and you’ll be looking forward to mixing and matching to create unique outfits to wear to work. In this article, we’re going to be sharing a few tips, tricks and a whole lot of inspiration for your professional wardrobe this monsoon!

The very first thing to be clear on before we venture any further is your preference for clothing. Are you more of a pants girl or do you like wearing pencil skirts to work? Do you like wearing colors that brighten the day or are you more of a classic mysterious black enthusiast? Once you know what your boundaries are, you can work at expanding them and getting out of your comfort zone.

One of our favorite outfit ideas comes to us from Loco En Cabeza’s new collection. This beautiful dress is the perfect example of a work appropriate dress.

Pair this dress with a pair of sheer black stockings, weather proof boots, accessorize with your favorite pieces of jewelry and you’re absolutely good to go. You can also buy dresses for women online in styles, patterns and colors that you find attractive. While the stockings may seem very odd in the monsoon, remember that they dry quickly and compared to a pair of pants or leggings, they’ll be a lot more comfortable. This outfit can be a great option for a meeting, presentation or any other day where you want to look a little out of the ordinary.

Another very inspiring choice for your monsoon wardrobe comes from our new collection.

This pair of beautiful linen pants may seem like the go-to summer outfit, but we’re here to tell you that the rules of season dressing need to be roughed up a little. Light, airy and easily transformable – these pants are perfect for when you want to wear pants but trousers are just not cutting it. Linen pants can be worn to work if you’re smart about what you wear on top. We are all gung ho about pairing pants like these with peplum tops in solid colors or basic button down formal shirts. You’ll find a lot of options when it comes to tops for women online shopping. Our recommendation? Go crazy, sensibly.

One look at this beautiful green color and we just want to grab this top!

Apart from the fact that this color channels the lush greenery that monsoon brings with it, we think that this shade perfectly blends into the corporate setting without compromising on your spark of creative ingenuity. Pair this beautiful (and extremely comfortable) top with a pair of chinos in colors like black, dark brown, navy blue or bottle green with shoes that don’t take too much attention and you’ve found yourself a winner! The difference between this top making the jump from chic and casual to sensibly formal is to tuck it in. If you’re not one to support the pants, pair this top with a beautiful pencil shirt or if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a pleated skirt. Pleated skirts might seem like a very unusual choice especially since the last time you wore a pleated skirt was in school, but you will find a large collection of pleated skirts for women online where you’re eventually going to bump into one that is work-appropriate.

While you cannot go absolutely bonkers with your fashion choices for work, you certainly can take a few liberties every now and then. A perfect example of this is to add a pop of personality or color to your outfit by adding a beautifully printed scarf. Not only will a scarf keep your warm under your umbrella, but it also helps bringing together your outfit by acting as a final flourish.

If you’re looking at making a statement without being too obvious, let your footwear do all the talking. Online shopping for women has also brought to us spoilt fashionistas an almost unlimited collection of fancy yet weather appropriate shoes to choose from. The only rule that we would ask you to follow is to make sure that your shoes are comfortable to walk in.

Armed with our tips on monsoon dressing we hope you’re inspired to make every day of this otherwise gloomy season count. Go forth ladies, discover and create!