For the uninitiated, a shirt dress may sound like a very unfunny play of words. But shirt dresses which are literally what they sound like – a shirt that long enough to pass for a dress- are the newest trend brewing up a storm in the world of Women’s western wear in India. While the average shirt dress tends to looks like a longer button down, you can find ones that are more casual and are like a longer t-shirt. With a wide variety of styles, patterns, cuts and prints available when it comes to shirt dresses, it is no surprise that it is an insanely versatile piece of clothing and one that you should definitely incorporate into your work wardrobe.



In this article, we bring to you a few interesting ways to style a dress shirt.

While the dress shirt is seen as a staple of summer fashion for women in India, there is almost no event or occasion where you couldn’t incorporate a dress shirt effortlessly.

Summer Fun – Summers bring with them a lot of opportunity in the wardrobe department and if you’re not a fan of the usual fashion picks, opt for a dress shirt to give you a completely unique look. You can buy dress shirts for women in India online and style them simply with a pair of fun sneakers and a few funky accessories. If you’re looking for something a little dressier, throw on a shrug or summer jacket and pair it with flats. Either way, your outfit will be comfortable and effortlessly cool. This piece from Loco En Cabeza is one of our favourites for the summer thanks to the refreshing blues. 

Tough Love – Even if you’re not a fan of dresses, you can definitely fall in love with the shirt dress thanks to how comfortable, easy to wear and hassle-free they are. For a more badass look, style your shirt dress with a leather jacket, chunky heeled boots and your hair held up in a chic bun atop your head. This is a great idea for those of you who are not fans of maxi dresses for women in India as well!

Work it! – The fact that Shirt dresses don’t cling to your body makes them super comfortable for any weather and also gives them an edge in the ‘work-appropriate’ department. This brown dress is definitely our go-to for work because not only is the rich shade of brown complementary to a more formal setting, but you could customise this dress in literally any way you like! Paired with an understated belt, sensible mid-high heels and dainty jewellery make this a perfect board meeting outfit. Bright coloured heels, a floral printed blazer and a chunky neckpiece will transform this wonderful dress into the world of power dressing with a bit of feminine fun.

Painting the town Red – Women’s casual wear in India is a really broad and exhaustive category. In spite of this amazing bounty full of variety and novelty, most of us stick to what is familiar and rarely think of changing things up. Well, for those of you who are fans of the more offbeat, we have a very simple yet exciting idea.

For the most amazing Brunch outfit ever, pair this seemingly simple white dress with a scarf… tied around your waist! Ditch the belt for once and go a little more Miranda Priestly this weekend!

While the shirt dress is a trending choice fashion-wise, it is always a good idea to get creative when it comes to styling and accessorizing it. Be it with belts, scarves, jackets or accessories – let your inner genius shine through what you choose to wear!