In an age where women’s wear online shopping has made it increasingly easy to find different styles and kinds of clothes, you’re undoubtedly spoilt for choice. As long as you have a strong internet connection and a decent budget, you can lay your hands on all kinds of clothes. However, not everything you buy and wear will look amazing on you. Often, we end up buying a particular dress only because it looked good on someone else. This is a rather disastrous move.

In order to ensure that you look your best no matter what you wear, we’ve compiled a cheat-sheet for you that elaborate dressing right for your body type. In this article, we talk about one of the most discussed and hyped body shapes in the entertainment industry – the ‘Pear’

Pear : Lower body is wider than your upper body.

The best part about having a pear shaped figure is that you have an amazingly gorgeous backside. With the right kind of dressing, you’re guaranteed a beautiful silhouette. The goal here is to balance the top half of your body so that it looks more symmetrical to your bottom.

Top wear - Ideal tops for pear shaped bodies are ones that are not baddy, but are well-fitted. As a rule of thumb, always opt for tops that end just at the top your hips as the risk of making your hips too wide is minimized. Make sure anything that you wear is well-fitted; not too loose, not too tight. Avoid wearing any tops or short jackets that end at your derriere as they’ll draw attention to your butt.  Feel free to experiment with trendy patterns and prints as they too draw attention to your upper body. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying tops for women online shopping. Remember that just because something looks good on a Women’s casual western wear model, doesn’t mean that it will look good on you too.

Bottom wear – Women with pear shaped bodies are best complimented by A-line skirts and wrap skirts. These cleverly touch on your curves without clinging to them, which gives you a subtly sexy look. Avoid any skirts that are too tight like pencil skirts unless you find a pair that compliments you. Honestly speaking, unless absolutely necessary, never opt for anything that is too tight. If you are wearing trousers, find a pair that is just slightly pleated – this makes your waist appear smaller. The next time you’re scouring Women’s fashion clothing brand online for fashionable bottoms, keeps these tip sin mind.

Dresses – Those with pear shaped figures must always pay attention to balancing the width of lower and upper body. While buying a dress, opt for one that calls attention to your top half – arms, back, cleavage and shoulders. There are a million styles of dresses for women India but picking one that emphasizes your top half while cinching just a little above the the waist area is the smartest move. The best dress is one that skims gently along your lower half and is not bulky on top either. Try and off shoulder fit and flare dress or an exciting halter neck dress if you’re feeling adventurous.

Jeans – When you are packing a punch with a pear shaped figure, you ought to pick jeans with a wider hem as this works on balancing your hip girth with the hem. This makes your lower half appear more symmetrical. However, even slim flare jeans are a fantastic idea as they are the right mix of figure hugging and just a little bit wide at the hem. While skinny jeans are a complete no-no, if you must wear a pair, do dark. While there are a number of options when it comes to pants for women online shopping, make sure you stay away from ones that have any sort of over the top detailing around the general hip-area or have jazzy, eye-catching pockets. Not only are those styles outdated, but they also call unnecessary attention to your middle. Stay away from chunky belts too.

Celebrity Inspiration – The infamous Kim Kardashian, Beyonce & Shakira have well-maintained, Bootylicious pear shaped bodies. Closer to home, celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Lisa Ray are ideal inspirations for the pear-shaped looking for a little style advice.