In an age where women’s wear online shopping has made it increasingly easy to find different styles and kinds of clothes, you’re undoubtedly spoilt for choice. As long as you have a strong internet connection and a decent budget, you can lay your hands on all kinds of clothes. However, not everything you buy and wear will look amazing on you. Often, we end up buying a particular dress only because it looked good on someone else. This is a rather disastrous move.

In order to ensure that you look your best no matter what you wear, we’ve compiled a cheat-sheet for you that elaborate dressing right for your body type. In this article, we talk about one of the most common India body types, the ‘Hourglass’

Hourglass: Curvy body with a comparatively smaller waist.

The best part about having an hourglass figure is that you have gorgeous curves which can lend you a rather sensual look with the right kind of dressing. The goal here is to highlight and emphasize your curves as opposed to covering them up.

Top wear - Ideal tops for hourglass bodies are well-fitting scooped or V-neck tops as they got a long way in classily emphasizing your bust. Make sure anything that you wear is well-fitted; not too loose, not too tight. Avoid wearing turtleneck tops as they may end up taking the attention away from your waist and make you look frumpy. You’ll find a number of options when it comes to tops for women online shopping. However, it is very important to ensure that you’re picking styles that accentuate your silhouette.

Bottom wear – Women with the hourglass shape have the advantage of being able to rock feminine bottoms without breaking a sweat. Honestly speaking, unless absolutely necessary, never opt for trousers. Skirts are the best bet and everything from fit and flare skirts to A-lines sit well on the hourglass shape. However, the best option is a well-fitting pencil skirt. 

Dresses – Those with hourglass figures are fortunate enough that they can rock almost any kind of dress. With that being said, one must remember to be careful while playing with embellishments, patterns and colors. There are a million styles of dresses for women India but picking one that emphasizes your curves and the waist area is the smartest move. Bodices look fantastic on your figure since they essentially re-draw your figure out and give you an added aura of oomph. However, the star choice would be to go for a wrap dress with a V-neck. The V-neck does a fantastic job of flattering your bust and the wrap showcases the curve between your hips and your waist beautifully.

Jeans – Ideally, you ought to pick jeans with a smaller cut waist as this highlights your waist seamlessly. However, even stretch denim jeans are a fantastic idea as they look amazing and are very conducive to movement. While skinny jeans are a great option, you could also go for a pair that is slightly flared at the bottom, boot-cut or wide-legged. Tailored jeans can help contribute to the illusion of making you look taller. While there are a number of options when it comes to pants for women online shopping, make sure you stay away from ones that have heavy detailing around the pockets or the general hip-area. This just adds bulk to your frame.

Celebrity Inspiration – Marilyn Monroe & Jennifer Lopez have well-maintained hourglass bodies and a fantastic sense of style. Closer to home, celebrities like Bipasha Basu and Zarine Khan are wonderful sources to be inspired.